Video Lottery Terminal

Video Lottery Terminal or VLT is a game machine that allows players to bet with a pre-set percentage of RTP.

VLT is similar to a slot machine, except all computing processes occur on the central server, and the lottery terminal only displays the information received. Each terminal is connected to the central system, which allows you to monitor the amount of revenue, as well as tax deductions to the state treasury.

The result is random for each bet on VLT. VLT operators can’t program the total amount of bets or payments through the central system. The percentage of returns usually depends on the conditions prescribed in the legislation of the country. This percentage is realized not by manipulating the game, but by adjusting the expected total payout.

Some lottery devices can also include a random number generator in their configuration. In this case, all the computing processes occur directly in the terminal, but the operation of such terminal is completely impossible without the connection to the central server.